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003 - Elizabeth Báthory

003 - Elizabeth Báthory

Losing streak Lois Update

Lois' son, Braden Riess, spoke to a media outlet, saying something happened and his mother just snapped. He described her as a loving caring mother, always putting her children first. He also revealed that she had burned up a $500,000 inheritance from gambling.

As for her case, prosecutors in Florida decided to seek the death penalty.

A grand jury indicted her last month on a first-degree murder charge. She plead not guilty to all charges.

She is facing first degree murder for the death of Pamela Hutchinson  and one count each of grand theft and grand theft of a vehicle

In order for Riess to receive the death penalty, prosecutors will need to prove that she committed the murder to avoid arrest, to receive monetary gain and that the crime happened in a "cold, calculated, and premeditated manner."

Not yet been charged in MN for her husband’s death because prosecutors are waiting on ballistic lab results for the gun used in the murder of David Riess.


Elizabeth Báthory "The Blood Countess"

Early Life

  • Born in Nyírbátor, Hungary in 1560 to a wealthy family.

  • Married at 15 to Ferenc Nádasdy.

  • Nadasdy became chief commander of the Hungarian troops in 1578 leading them to war against the Ottomans and while he was away Bathory was in charge of his business affairs and estates, including responsibility for the Hungarian and Slovak people.

  • During the thirteen Years War (1593-1606) Bathory was in charge of the defense of her husband's estate, which was no small task. They were located near Vienna and had been previously attacked by the Ottomans. Cachtice was near the border of Royal Hungary and the Ottoman-controlled Hungary. She was well suited to the task, however, because of her upbringing.

  • Ferenc Nadasdy died January 4th, 1604 at age 48. Before dying he entrusted his heirs and widow to Gyorgy Thurzo, who would later lead the investigation into Elizabeth's crimes.


  • Legend is that she hit a servant and the servant’s blood on her hand. She noticed that the skin looked younger after so she decided to bathe in the blood of virgin/ younger servants.

  • Whether this started her obsession with torturing servants or not there are many accounts of her acts, which may have included sewing mouths shut, sticking needles in fingers or cut them off, slicing the skin between fingers, and tying them up before beating them.

  • Two stories for why she was actually investigated. Either György Thurzó was sent by King Matthias II to investigate her or she killed a noble woman and people finally took notice.

  • 1610 investigation began. Her property was examined and body parts were discovered.

  • She was convicted on 80 counts of murder and the servants who were accused of helping her were sentenced to death.

  • She never confessed or admitted any guilt.

  • She was sentenced to house arrest and was bricked into a small room where she saw no light and was only allowed to talk to a priest once a week. She lived there for 3.5 years until she was found dead.

Other Theories

  • King Matthias owed her husband money so this may have been a way to get out of his debt while he worked with György Thurzó.


Murder Road Trip


  • The town coat of arms is a dinosaur claw about to swipe out a sheep holding a flag. So this was a pretty hardcore place to live. It is most known for being owned by the Bathory family. We don’t know any real details about the beginning of Elizabeth Bathory’s life, but perhaps if we take a moment to meditate on the dino claw the story will transcend time and come to us more clearly. There is also a dragon themed bath there and a smiley face cupcake shop.



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