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031 - PTB discusses Six Miscellaneous Madames

031 - PTB discusses Six Miscellaneous Madames

Yoselyn Ortega

Yoselyn Ortega was a nanny for a New York family. The family had three children, Lucia, Leo and Nessie. On October 25th, 2012 Marina Krim, the mother, went to their apartment with her youngest child, Nessie, because Ortega hadn’t showed up at the other daughter’s ballet lesson. 

This is when she discovered the bodies of her two other children in the tub surrounded by blood and with multiple stab wounds. When Krim went to confront Ortega the nanny began to stab herself with a kitchen knife. 

Ortega claimed that she had killed the children because she wanted more money and that when she asked her employers about it they suggested that she could do housework.  

In November of 2012 Ortega was indicted on two counts of first-degree murder. She plead not guilty, using a psychiatric defense but was found guilty of both first and second degree murder on April 18th, 2018

Felix and her pink AKs

Felix and her pink AKs


Claudia Ochoa Felix 

Felix  is the alleged leader of a Mexican Cartel, Los Antrax, and also a famous instagram model. She is said to have taken over after her significant others was arrested in January 2014. She is often compared to Kim Kardasian in appearance

Felix denies leading the cartel but has often posed with a pink AK- 47. Recently a hit was attempted on her when gunmen grabbed a woman who looked like Felix. Her body was later found behind a school and she had been tortured to death. Felix denies the connection and claims that fake social media accounts have been used to frame her. Since the incident she has made all her accounts private

Fred and Rose West

Fred and Rose West were renowned serial killers. They met when Rose was 15 and Fred was 27 and began dating later that year. She was pregnant at 16 and Fred ended up going to jail after she gave birth, leaving her with her child and two of his to raise. 

While he was away she murdered one of his kids, Charmaine, and then the pair buried the body. When Charmaine’s mom came to look for her they murdered her as well. 

After this Rose became a prostitute and forced several of their kids into it as well. 

Between April of 1973 and August of 1979 they murdered several other people including Shirley Robinson- whom they dismembered and removed her fetus- Heather, Fred’s Daughter, and eight others. To hide their tracks Fred would pretend to be doing home improvement projects. 

In August of 1992 Fred was arrested and charged with raping his daughter. Rose was arrest then as well for child cruelty.

She denied it, claiming that it was entirely her husband. Fred committed suicide in January of 1995 and Rose’s trial began in November of 1995. She was found guilty of ten murders and sentenced to life in prison


Winona Ryder

In 2001 Winona Ryder stole $5,500 worth of merchandise from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. Ryder said that she did it because, “Psychologically, I must have been at a place where I just wanted to stop. I won’t get into what happened, but it wasn’t what people think.” 

She has been open about her struggle with mental illness and spoke about it in an interview with Diane Sawyer. She talked about managing her depression and anxiety while also acting. She admitted to buying into the ‘tortured artist’ idea and thought that depression would make her a better actor

She was found guilty of two counts of shoplifting and vandalism and sentenced to community service.


Mary Frances Creighton 

Her Wikipedia page reads:

Mary Frances Creighton (July 29, 1899 – July 16, 1936), was a housewife, who along with Everett Applegate, a 36-year-old former American Legion official, was executed in Sing Sing Prison's electric chair, Old Sparky, for the poisoning of Applegate's wife, Ada, in Baldwin, New York on September 27, 1935. She had passed out before the execution, and was executed in an unconscious state

We hope to investigate further. 

New Zealand Vampires - Xenia Gregoriana Borichevsky

These are about a string of vampire attacks in New Zealand

In February 2016 a  woman bit a man in the north Island at a bar called the Thirsty Whale. The man was sent to the hospital. The owner of the bar, Chris Sullivan, said the fight took place in the early hours of Sunday.

In the second attack in February 2016 a woman was accused of biting a man’s neck so hard her teeth cut through an artery, while another woman was arrested after allegedly chomping on a woman ear. The incidents are allegedly unrelated

'Vampire' attack in Wellington

In the final attack, a man was bitten by three people and had his blood drunk in an alleged vampire-type attack on Wellington's Mt Victoria. Two men and a woman, James Phillip Brooks, 22, and Xenia Gregoriana Borichevsky, 19, have been charged with wounding with intent to render a man unconscious. Brooks admitted biting the man but did not think he had punctured the flesh.

In court Borichevsky's bail conditions were relaxed after her lawyer asked the judge to lift her night-time curfew because she wanted to do activities such as attend evening dance classes and visit friends in Otaki.

032 - PTB discusses the 40 Elephants, our love of pockets and why this group should be taught in business school

032 - PTB discusses the 40 Elephants, our love of pockets and why this group should be taught in business school

030 - PTB discusses Kim Saenz, bleach and our origin story

030 - PTB discusses Kim Saenz, bleach and our origin story