Just In Time for March Madness, Women's College Basketball Players With Assault Charges

Next week is March which means March Madness and I wanted to do a basketball episode so bad. Like so bad!!! Like I started searching things like “Pat Summit Crimes”. While I did find some WNBA drama that might be worthy of a full episode on the podcast, I really wanted to share some stories from college basketball. It seems like we are always hearing stories of college athletes in men’s sports being accused of assault or sexual assault, and we can’t forget last year’s FBI probe into the sport resulting in scandal.

Listen, Mary, I have a question.

Listen, Mary, I have a question.

Over the course of at least 30 years, typhoid outbreaks followed you from household to household as you cooked for them and served them your (probably delicious, even with little typhoid bacteria crawling all over it) ice cream.

8 Ways to Avoid Cults: Especially If You Are Susceptible to Cults and Click Bait

I am not an expert on anything. I am especially not an expert in religiosity or how humans form groups to pray to an unidentified being in order to make sense of their lives. I’m not qualified to tell you how to live your life in any capacity. But, I will tell you a few tricks that I have learned over the years to avoid cults. Some of this is from trial and error, some of this is common sense. I’ll let you decide which is which.